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Paint Chip Mosaic Table

Hello again! I’ve had a little hiatus as I’m trying to get things ready for my move at the end of the year and been heckling work for more hours. On to the crafts!

If you’ve been around the craft blog-osphere much, you probably realize how late to the game I am with this one – it seems like the big paint chip craze was all a few months ago.

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When Things Go Wrong: Cookie Dough Bowls

In the craft and food blog circuit, while there are a ton of great projects and tutorials, it doesn’t seem like people really talk about what happens when a project doesn’t end up entirely ruined, but also isn’t quite what it should have been. But whether you’re an expert or a beginner, it happens sometimes. Finding ways to make the best of it is a great skill to have, so When Things Go Wrong is a series about making the best when the unexpected happens.

This month, I’m (attempting) to only eat unprocessed foods as a part of October Unprocessed. I’ve needed this for a long time, but makes me a bit sad, since when my desert cravings come around, I’m not really sure where to turn, and don’t want to end up giving in to soda or a trip to the drive through. And yes, it’s only been a couple of days and I’m already thinking about sweets, oy.

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Why Craft?

I was reading a post over on The Simple Dollar recently that discussed whether making your own clothes could actually save you money. It’s been interesting to read the comments, and it got me thinking about how many of the same points could be made about crafting in general. It essentially comes to the conclusion that someone should make their own clothes if they enjoy it, because they probably won’t save much money doing it. I agree with the conclusion, but I want to flesh that out a bit more.

Crafting often takes a lot of time which could be used for anything ranging from working to spending time with family. The supplies usually aren’t cheap, and the same item could sometimes be bought for less money and far less time. So why even bother?
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