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Eifel Star Chain – simple, cheap DIY decorating

As I’m getting ready to move, one of the things I’m trying to do is to make use of my craft supplies so that I neither end up tossing them at the last minute or hauling them around (for some reason, I’m much more satisfied with packing a dress with the rest of my clothes than the pieces all separate, go figure!)

I have a ton of leftover magazines that I had planned to use in other projects, as well as some cardstock that I’ve been slowly working through. I wanted to make some decorations that used these supplies, but that were also simple enough that if they got smushed or torn during the move I wouldn’t be upset.

These are all Eifel Stars, which don’t need any glue (though I did decide to use some – more on that later). I used this tutorial by Goorigami, and it was incredibly easy to follow.

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Why Craft?

I was reading a post over on The Simple Dollar recently that discussed whether making your own clothes could actually save you money. It’s been interesting to read the comments, and it got me thinking about how many of the same points could be made about crafting in general. It essentially comes to the conclusion that someone should make their own clothes if they enjoy it, because they probably won’t save much money doing it. I agree with the conclusion, but I want to flesh that out a bit more.

Crafting often takes a lot of time which could be used for anything ranging from working to spending time with family. The supplies usually aren’t cheap, and the same item could sometimes be bought for less money and far less time. So why even bother?
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