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Eifel Star Chain – simple, cheap DIY decorating

As I’m getting ready to move, one of the things I’m trying to do is to make use of my craft supplies so that I neither end up tossing them at the last minute or hauling them around (for some reason, I’m much more satisfied with packing a dress with the rest of my clothes than the pieces all separate, go figure!)

I have a ton of leftover magazines that I had planned to use in other projects, as well as some cardstock that I’ve been slowly working through. I wanted to make some decorations that used these supplies, but that were also simple enough that if they got smushed or torn during the move I wouldn’t be upset.

These are all Eifel Stars, which don’t need any glue (though I did decide to use some – more on that later). I used this tutorial by Goorigami, and it was incredibly easy to follow.

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Morning Coffee (tea) Confession: Distraction and October Unprocessed

Confession #1:

I’m very easily distracted. Whether it’s crafts, cleaning, or even just conversation, it’s pretty easy to get me off track. That is probably why I have lying around:

  • pieces to a knit sweater to be sewn together (I haven’t touched them since the summer)
  • cut out pattern pieces to a dress I’ve meant to make for over a year
  • lots and lots of paper flower petals to make a hanging flower garland based off this
  • a skirt that should be taken in, that I took out of my closet 3 months ago
  • an incredibly comfy yoga skirt that I need to rip the seams out of and rework
  • 7 blog post drafts, most of which just need a last picture or to put pictures together with text

And that’s not including all the things that I want to be making. Yipes! I need to wait until I get breakfast in me before I contemplate my to-do list like this.

Confession #2:

I’ve been really, really bad with October Unprocessed. Partially, it’s just hard because things that I’d normally use are off the list; ketchup, most cheese, soy sauce, any processed meats (bacon!) and even baking soda.

It’s come to a point where I just took a deep breath and told myself that my goal for this month is to make almost all of my meals at home (note the slight wiggle room there). So far, the cheats that I actually feel bad about include a soda, a fast food meal (I ended up with a huge break between clients in the middle of nowhere, and was so hungry that I was worried it would impact my job performance), and an energy drink.

And you know what, none of them were as good as I remembered. Going grocery shopping today I had the urge to pick up soda and candy bars, but I also knew that they just weren’t as fulfilling as I’d let myself believe. Now I’m on more of a carb kick, which I recognize is certainly not great for me, but I feel confident that with a choice between enjoying a chunk of fresh sourdough and downing a chicken nugget meal, the bread is the lesser of two evils.

Any confessions you’d like to get off your chest?