Hi there, I’m Rachel, and welcome to my little spot of the internet.

I’m fascinated by figuring out how things work and love DIYing my way through life whenever possible. I’m a little impulsive and very curious, so I often end up with situations where I try making things just to see if I can do it (examples are often food-based since those don’t usually incur a large cost, and include croissants, yogurt, cheese, crackers, and other things that normal people would just buy at the store).

I also enjoy knitting and papercraft, and am trying to get into sewing. This blog is a mish-mash of the projects that catch my fancy, and an adventure as I try to get better at photography, blogging, and tutorial making.

Right now I’m getting ready to move so posting will be a little sporadic, but I hope you’ll be patient and stick around until things get settled.

I love comments and suggestions, so feel free to leave them here or to email me at spoonpaperscissors@gmail.com.

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