Eifel Star Chain – simple, cheap DIY decorating

As I’m getting ready to move, one of the things I’m trying to do is to make use of my craft supplies so that I neither end up tossing them at the last minute or hauling them around (for some reason, I’m much more satisfied with packing a dress with the rest of my clothes than the pieces all separate, go figure!)

I have a ton of leftover magazines that I had planned to use in other projects, as well as some cardstock that I’ve been slowly working through. I wanted to make some decorations that used these supplies, but that were also simple enough that if they got smushed or torn during the move I wouldn’t be upset.

These are all Eifel Stars, which don’t need any glue (though I did decide to use some – more on that later). I used this tutorial by Goorigami, and it was incredibly easy to follow.

Each star uses 12 squares; for the magazine page stars I used 4″ squares, and for the card stock ones I used 3″ squares. The magazine pages were easier to fold, but were more likely to slip out of place (and when strung together slipped apart completely – I ended up putting dabs of hot glue in the very center and at joints between each piece), while folding the card stock made my fingers ache after a while but also fit together snugly.

If you decide to use magazine pages, I recommend avoiding text (unless it’s a block of it, so it’s not just one word randomly on your star) and parts of people (creepy!), but I also have a little secret for you: a very, very small part of your 4″ square is actually going to be seen. The parts that are seen in the finished product are in black below.

 I even used a picture that had a person on it, but you never see them when it’s done! Once you fold that bad boy up, you’ll get a single module, then gets attached to others until it becomes a circle. Ta da!

Repeat a few times until there’s a lovely stack of stars, use a little hot glue and some string, and what’s left will be a cute decoration to spruce up a wall. Enjoy!

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